Monthly Archives: October 2012

Stillness of Mind

I decided to tackle a new challenge last week. What’s your Everest? Mine –meditation. I simply struggle to get my ‘busy’ brain to stop. I think and I plan and I process everything; hell, I even think about thinking! But that is going to change… NOW!! 

I have committed myself to mastering this. Now, I can almost assure you that you will not find me in a mindless state of zen for hours, but I received some great advice: set myself up for success and try to do two minutes. Two minutes! Hey, how hard could this be, right? Ha! 

The first two days of my experiment to conquer my personal Mount Everest, I made it thirty seconds. And somehow time slowed so it was the longest thirty seconds of my life. It felt like I was sitting there in that relaxed state for HOURS, and somehow the clock turn backwards! Why can’t I make that happen when I get a massage? Unbelievable. But on the third day, accidentally perhaps, I did the amazing: TWO MINUTES!! 

Who knows what I can accomplish tomorrow?!

Ticket to Freedom

Gifts come in different forms. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of perspective to see a gift for what it is.

Take the word ‘layoff.’ Some people relate it with fear and loss, right? You’ve lost your job, your income, and for some people, how you define yourself. It can be a scary thing for sure. I choose to take a different view:

layoff = freedom 

Freedom from a job that drains my energy, freedom from people that I do not choose to spend my time with, and most importantly, freedom to do what makes my heart sing. 

I found this quote the other day, and it’s perfect for where I am right now: ‘The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.’ Thucydides

I’ve been told by people that I’m the only person they know who will jump up and down cheering a layoff. I respond with ‘Why not? Now I have the opportunity to do something new and exciting!’

So, here’s my challenge: What in your life could look better to you if you allow it?

What You Thought You Wanted

The last couple of years have been an interesting ride as I consider my priorities in life and challenging what no longer works for me. It’s all on the table for scrutiny: my career, personal relationships, my desire to have children, among others, and has funneled into a wonderfully winding path towards re-defining what I do want in my life.

Some of the most wonderful life lessons come from places that we’d never expect. Sometimes what you thought you wanted was just a lesson along the way.

Lessons learned. Lessons learning.

A Lesson in Giving

I find one of my best mood lifters is giving, whether it be money, time or items. I spend a good bit of time every week volunteering, and it’s some of the most gratifying work that I do. There’s something about the action of giving to others that just feels good, whether it’s acknowledged or not.

You can give anonymously or donate your time to a worthy cause, whether it be your neighbor, friend, family, charity or just a person that you meet along the way. Give it a shot—what have you got to lose? You might be surprised about what you have to gain.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” St. Francis of Assisi