Monthly Archives: November 2012

Winds of Change

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”         ~Andy Warhol 

I recently worked through an exercise where I described my perfect day. The exercise was geared towards work, though I found that my focus was more on my personal pursuits and allowing for the freedom and flexibility to integrate them into daily practice. The vision I now have for the work part of my workday is very different from the work I’ve been doing, and is more geared to things that I do in my spare time. It was an interesting shift from my former workaholic ‘glory’ days! If the ‘old me’ could only see me now!

Whether you view it with excitement or trepidation, change is so important to our lives! Some people take charge and march forward, eager to forge their way towards their new experiences, while others watch and wait.  

What will you do when opportunity comes knocking?

Being a Kid Again

Ever have a day when you think you’re taking yourself far too seriously? When you know you’re taking yourself too seriously? A cure: spend time with children. When we were kids, play was acceptable and we were even encouraged to do it. As adults, what better way to get perspective then to get in touch with your inner child and play?

I took the opportunity to do this a little while ago with my friend’s kids. They had a really long piece of packing paper, and her son decided to wrap himself up in it and magically transform into a mummy. What a fabulous idea!!  We had great fun being mummies, stomping around the living room making ghoulish groans.

What does your inner child feel like doing today?


Bumps in the Road

If we go about our day-to-day without ever trying something new and different, we know what we can expect: tomorrow will be the same as yesterday.

Even still, it’s not easy stepping out to try something new, when we are unsure the outcome. When we take a risk, we offer ourselves the opportunity to soar; to learn; to grow.

Sometimes though, the outcome isn’t what we hoped, and then, the real lesson begins. We have the chance to consider what we learned, to take care of ourselves, to process, and then get right on back out there to try again. Only this time, we are a little wiser. 

Little Lessons

It may seem a little silly, but I’ve had a challenging time asking for help. Friends offer, and even then, I’m strangely reluctant to accept. After all, how am I a strong, independent woman if I need help from others?

I couldn’t be more wrong.

When we accept kindness from others, we provide that person with a wonderful gift: our appreciation. What feels better than that?