Ok, Universe. Here It Is!



As you all know, I’ve been doing a lot of work over the last couple of years to find me: what makes me happy, what I want out of life, and what work I want to do.

I’ve learned the importance during this process of setting intentions. In addition to setting long-term goals, this also includes choosing to be happy in every moment, regardless if I’m doing something I enjoy or not.

I don’t love the paid work that I do, however, I find something every single day that I can do that I draw enjoyment from. This could be anything from taking a few minutes to talk to a coworker to help them with an issue or to achieve a professional goal.

Most important, I’ve found, is to choose happiness. I feel so much lighter now and freed of the burden of the things that don’t bring me joy by finding things that do bring me joy.

Every single day. 

I’m still evolving and working through decisions that will frame out my life. Instead of being overwhelmed by the fact that the decisions I make now will impact my upcoming years, I focus on making sure that the many small decisions that I make regularly are in alignment with what I really want.

One of my priorities in my life is my nephews and I wrote about them not too long ago. I had considered moving to Colorado to live near them a while back, and decided not to for many reasons.

I’ve now decided what I want to put out to the Universe, the intention that I want to set: within the next two years, I want to find a way that I can live in Colorado part of the year. I want to be a regular part of my nephews’ lives, but I just don’t want to do winters in Colorado. After growing up in the Boston area, I know what that’s like all too well. So, this to me is the perfect compromise.

The mountains are a place of solace for me. I love hiking for the exercise, the views and clearing head. Being in Colorado makes sense, and spending time with my precious nephews brings me joy.

It seems a perfect match.

Ok, so it’s now out there! It’s official. Now is the fun part: I need to act on that intention with every decision that I make going forward.



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