The Quest for Perfect

I returned from my last vacation quite jet-lagged, but excited to share my adventure with my circle of friends and travel buddies. I blogged every day of my vacation and shared all of the fun things that I did. But there’s something amazing about seeing things through pictures. Sure you can describe what you see, but when you can actually view the colors and details–that’s entirely something else. It’s magical. It transports you there.

I usually try to download pictures immediately to share. It took me a week last time.

I spent two weeks thinking about reviewing the pictures and cleaning them up a bit before sharing. They had to look good enough for my viewing audience.

I spent another week trying to find the time to review the pictures.

Then I realized—what was I waiting for?

I uploaded them to a site and shared. The feedback was wonderful and everyone appreciated them. And not one person has come back to say, “Your picture of xx is crooked and really should be straightened, “ or “How come you didn’t clean up the pictures a bit before sharing?”

Had I waited until I had the time to do the job I wanted to, making them, perhaps not perfect but nearly perfect, it may have been weeks before people could enjoy them. Instead, I decided that good enough was, well, good enough.

How many times have I not done something, or delayed significantly because I was waiting for things to be perfect? How many decisions did I make because I felt that the situation, person, thing, or whatever wasn’t good enough?

How often did my quest for perfection impact important decisions in my life?

I may never know, and ultimately, it doesn’t matter unless they are decisions that impact me directly now. Instead, I look to the future with an eye open to good enough.

And the pictures from my recent vacation? Well, they are getting posted right away so everyone can share in the adventure and enjoy.

Though, here’s a sneak preview of some of my favorite imperfect shots from my current trip. My heart is happy. Enjoy!



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