Monthly Archives: November 2014

Turning the Page

Today is Thanksgiving. Like most people, my mind is filled with all that I’m grateful for in my life. I used to be bothered by the fact that I didn’t have a big, loving family. Now I’ve created my own and I’ll spend the day with some of the people I have grown closest to.

They are my family.

I recently left my job and took another one. I’ll be honest—it has me a bit off kilter. My routine is shot, and where I knew what to expect in my day-to-day, I now have no idea what my days will look like. It’s disconcerting. It’s exciting.

I chose a chance at enjoyment over frustration, growth over boredom. Though my work is no longer such a central part of my life, I decided that some learning and a chance at enjoyment was more important to me than the stability and flexibility I had in my last job. I considered what was important to me and I chose me.

I’m also giving thought to my life—what my priorities are, to see how they have changed, and what my goals are for the next year and five years. Maybe I’ve been working in business for too long that I take such a methodical approach, but it fits who I am now.

I’m grateful for the confidence to choose me, and what I value, and I’m grateful that I can. I’m grateful that when I decide I want something in my life it seems to appear, as if my magic. I’m grateful that I no longer question it, but instead, enjoy it as a reflection of where I am now. I am grateful that I am learning to live in the moment and am no longer driven by the past, but instead by my clarity as to what I want and what will make me happy.

I look to the future with excitement. I know the hardest times of my life are behind me, and provide a solid foundation for continued growth and happiness. I choose to be happy.

I have enjoyed writing this blog, first weekly and then every other week. I love writing and this provided accountability for my taking the time to do that. It now feels a bit too structured, so I’m going to write when I feel like writing and will post when I have something to share. I appreciate the feedback over the years and the encouragement. What started as a fun project for myself turned into a network of support, where people shared their experiences and I’m grateful for that as well.


Disney State of Mind

When my cousin reached out to me a few weeks ago about a trip, I hesitated. Yes, believe it or not, Miss “Addicted to Travel” paused before replying with only a half-hearty, “Well, ok.” You see, I wanted a moratorium on travel. I traveled a LOT this summer and think I burned myself out. The appeal of a few months staying home to just enjoy my life was really tempting. But seeing my cousin after a three-year hiatus was more tempting.

Where did he want to go? Disney.

One of the things I adore about my cousin is how in touch with his inner child he is. He is the guy I went to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia with (a children’s museum) to play on the ground with a group of kids and a huge pile of Legos. He’s the guy that made the richest, most crazy chocolate overload drinks of ice cream, blended cookies and liquors that I swore would make my teeth rot in my head and was oh-so-good. We’ve run through zoos and done some silly stuff. So his interest in going to Disney seemed quite logical, and of course I would do it.

After talking him into Disneyland instead of Disneyworld, we booked our tickets and planned our trip.

Things have been quite challenging in work over the last few months and I’m caught in some very not fun, very adult situations. Being a kid again, even for a few days with my cousin, sounds like a really great idea. What better way to gain perspective than to take off the adult hat and plant propellors on your head?

We met at the hotel and after catching up for a bit, headed over to Downtown Disney for some magical fairy dust and fun. We walked around to orient ourselves, and grabbed a bite. There’s something about walking around amongst all of the Disney imagery and excited kids to put you in a childhood state of mind.

We spent the next two days in California Adventure and Disneyland Park enjoying the rides, ambience, people watching and magic that is Disney. I think that if you want to be a kid again, all you have to do is be. Decide that you want something and poof! It’s now the new you.


The time flew, but it was a wonderful trip reconnecting with my cousin and my inner child. It reminded me that things don’t have to be perfect, but if you’re clear about what you want and truly believe you will get it, then that is exactly what you will see. You will float through the jungle, tour Radiator Springs, soar above the clouds and follow wherever your dreams may take you.

It’s wonderful being a kid again.