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A Different Ruler

I’ve always been an achievement-oriented person.

I remember being a child and always striving to be the best at what I set as my goal. It could be grades in school, and being the best didn’t just mean getting the best grade on a test, but also getting a better grade then I did on the last test.

Though I can be competitive with other people, the person I most often compete with is myself. I’m always striving to improve upon what I’ve done in the past to constantly set the bar higher. I’m not a very athletic person: hand-eye coordination and balance are unfortunately skills that I was not blessed with, so the primary venue for my competition has been professional.

I always had to put the bar higher and had to achieve professionally to feel successful, happy and confident.

What about now that I am in a professional limbo of sorts? I’m not looking to rise another rung on the corporate ladder and I’m not seeking acclaim for the work that I do. Instead, I’m looking to work regular hours doing good work, but not investing more of me than is required to get the job done.

I decided that I had to redefine achievement.

I started this process of changing my mindset during my sabbatical of sorts, when I was enjoying my “lady of leisure” status. Now that I’m back working in corporate, I find I need to remind myself of my goals and why I’m here so I don’t fall back into the same hole of giving too much of myself to my work.

I now measure my day by how many things I did that I enjoy, or that I find rewarding. These are things like visiting with my hospice patient, hiking with my dog or a rescue dog, going to pet therapy, writing, meeting friends and hiking, among others.


Image courtesy of Felixco, Inc. / FreeDigitalPhotos.net