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Desert in Bloom

April is so beautiful in Phoenix. Mornings are crisp and cool in the 60s and 70s and the days heat up as the sun rises over the horizon. It’s a great time of year to be here and the warm days are a solid reminder of the summer heat to come.

Enjoy the moment.

Things in our lives change just as the seasons do, and it’s important to appreciate what we have now, as unlike the seasons, we don’t always know what to expect of the future. And while the summer in Phoenix is a challenge for those who don’t like 100-, or 110-degree days, it can be a great time to shift our focus to indoor activities and those inside home projects that we put off when the weather is so glorious outside.

Speaking of change, I have one to share: I decided to accept a full-time job. At first I was concerned that it wasn’t in line with my goals for my life, however, the more  I thought about it, I realized that it doesn’t have to be so black and white. This job will allow me to work from home, which will offer me some flexibility that I never had in a corporate role.

Without a two-hour daily commute, I’ll have more time in my life, and more time to dedicate to my volunteering and my writing business. I know that I need to learn to better manage me to be sure I don’t work excessively and stay focused on the things that matter to me. Not a bad lesson to learn.

The truth is, that while I did get some work, I was starting to get hungry. So my decision makes sense for now, and I can continue building my business after hours. This will give me time to practice balance in my life, and to ensure that I continue to grow. My decision isn’t forever, it’s for now. And I choose to enjoy the beauty of every moment, including this one.

Desert in Bloom