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How to Not Break a New Year’s Resolution

I wrote a post in January 2013 on the “large stones;” the things most important in my life and where I want to focus my time and energy. I identify my large stones as the things that provide me with a warm feeling throughout my body and feel good to me.

I realized that career no longer held a place in my life as a large stone and that it was more a means to an end, providing income to enable me to do things that I enjoy like traveling and donating to organizations that do good work which I choose to support. Of course income also pays the bills, and puts a roof over my head and keeps the lights on. I’m grateful for what my work provides, however, I’ve long recognized that it takes too much of my time and my soul. I’ve allowed that and I can change it.

During 2013 I recognized that two things very important to me are my nephews and my volunteering work, and I’ve spent time, money and energy to dedicate myself more to them. I understand how important it is to spend time doing things that matter to me.

New Year’s Eve approaches– the night of issuing New Year’s Resolutions. I have long decided to not follow this custom, which often includes a week or two of honoring the resolution followed by weeks of guilt of breaking it. Instead, I take some time to reflect on the year passing, and decide what I have done well and what I wish to improve upon for next year.

Honoring me

I worked in 2013 to listen to my body more. Not only as a barometer for my life and my happiness, but also to stay true to taking care of myself. When my back and neck are all knotted up, and I have days of insomnia, it means that I’m out of touch and that I’m not listening to what my body is telling me. When this happens I take some time to redirect, and focus on things that feel good to improve my physical state. This includes:

  • Hiking, exercise and meditation (trying to meditate, at least)– and not doing it when I didn’t feel like I needed/wanted it
  • Not dieting but instead really enjoying what I eat, incorporating more farm fresh foods in my diet. When I decide to eat chocolate, I want to enjoy it with gusto.
  • Expanding my social network a bit
  • Deepening my friendships by opening up and sharing more of myself with those whom I’m closest to 

Making time for what’s most important

  • More trips to visit my nephews and friends
  • Carving out time for my volunteering activities and maintaining a regular schedule
  • Doing work I love while helping people through my small business, Volto

Focusing on the moment

Really enjoying where I am and what I’m doing instead of allowing my mind to race with all of the other things I could be doing with my time. Pushing myself to think past my to do list and center myself on where I am. Right. Now.

So, how do you not break a New Year’s resolution?

Don’t make one. 

Instead, focus on what’s important and what feels good and commit to setting that as your pursuit.